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PEI Resources
AITC-PEI has bilingual and provincial ciriculum link resources. You can find all grades resources from our page. Welcome to share and download our free resources designed for PEI teachers. 
  • "What's Growing Around Us?"

    Join Abbey as she takes an adventure across PEI to discover what farmers grow on PEI.

  • Agriculture Word Searches
    Download all three of these fun agriculture-related word searches for your students to try! 
    Resource modified from Aitc-MB.
    Animal Word Search Equipment Word Search Agriculture Job Word Search
  • Alex's First Seeds
    This story explores how worms help keep soil healthy for food production. It educates on composting, soil, environment and agriculture. It showcases the role of worms growing vegetables through a cartoon character Alex the worm and his family and friends. Alex learns his role and responsibility of growing his first seed.
    Check out the brand new resource webpage for Alex's First Seeds!!!

    Alex's first seed
  • Before the Plate
    Before the Plate (1 hr 30 min) attempts to close the gap in perception between the urban consumer and farming in Canada. Modern consumers are increasingly interested in where and how their food gets to them, but accurate information isn’t always easy to come by and often feels out of reach. Before the Plate follows young farmers and industry experts in order to show the general population what a modern Canadian farm operation looks like, and answer the most pressing questions consumers have about their food.
    Before the Plate teacher guide Before the Plate student guide
  • Blossom's Big Job
    Blossom’s Big Job is about a busy honey bee on a mission to pollinate her flowers until they mature into fruit. Readers follow Blossom as she helps collect nectar for her hive and works hard to pollinate her flowers.
    Check out our new Blossom's Big Job audio on YouTube!!  
    Blossom's Big Job eng Blossom's Big Job fr Blossom's Big Job activity book
  • Feeding Canada: Exploring Our Food Systems
    This teaching resource featuring Canadian farmers, veterinarians, and researchers provides grades 7–12 classes with a fun and helpful overview of the Canadian food cycle in six videos. Students apply their learning and reflect on how their food is produced.

    Visit the resource and curriculum-links here!
  • Mystery Seed Kit

    Throughout this experiment students can monitor the pots daily and watch for the seedlings to emerge. They can observe, measure and graph the rate of growth. Students will try to determine which plants are growing in each pot by observing the length of time to sprout, the size of the plant and comparing the plants to photos on the internet. Here is a link for the Mystery Seed Videos(ENG & FR) that NS Department of Agriculture and AITC-NS have given us permission to use.

    Mystery Seed Detective Slideshow ENG Observation Log ENG Mystery Seed Detective Slideshow FR Observation Log FR
  • PEI Colouring Book

    Colour and explore the crops and animals grown on PEI!

    Explore Farm on PEI Colouring Book
  • PEI Seed Kit

    PEI soil + 19 different types of seeds grown across PEI are featured in the PEI Seed Kit. 

    PEI Seed Kit Teacher Guide - ENGLISH PEI Seed Kit Teacher Guide - FRENCH
  • Reggie’s Technology Adventure
    Students will explore currently used technologies in agriculture and food production through the story “Reggie’s Technology Adventure”, and then use this knowledge to design their own model “Farm of the Future” including farm layout and production, technologies in use, and careers needed on this farm.
    Reggie’s Technology Adventure eng Reggie’s Technology Adventure fr
  • The Great Canadian Farm Tour
    Bring your class on 10 virtual farm field trips across Canada from April 11 - May 18. Learn about agriculture in every province and expand your students understanding of our food system.

    Includes FREE Learning Materials: The Great Canadian Farm Tour Activity Book and Passport will help to keep your students engaged and excited about upcoming tours!

    Register here: The first 500 teachers will have the activity books shipped to them during the first week of April!